Member deposits

This provides a solution for members wishing to save and earn dividents at premium rates.This deposit also enables members to access the available affordable credit products by using their deposits and guarantors as securities.


Minimum monthly contribution of Ksh. 1000

Any cash receipt

Emergency deposits

Emergencies are sorted as they occur when you save with us under emergency savings.The account is easy to open and offers competitive rates of interest and has no ledger fees.


Allows you to save for a minimum of 6 months

Can withdraw all the savings on or before the expiry of the six months period and start afresh thereafter

Attractive interest rates paid on withdrawal

Statement every quarter

No ledger fees and charges

Minimum monthly deposit of Ksh. 1000


One has to be a registered member of UADILI Sacco.Click here to register.

An interested member fills an emergency savings application form

A copy of Id is required. upload now?

Education loan

Members finance their various education needs by applying for this loan


Maximum repayment period 12 months

Granted three times member's deposits

Atleast four quarrantors are needed

cheques can be made in the name of schools if members so wishes.If this is the case attach fees structure.

Dully filled loan application form to be received between Monday and Friday to be approved by BOD every Sundays.

Emergency Loans

Emergency Loans enable our members to pay for emergencies such as hospital bills easily.There is an option to top up an emergency loan so long as he/she must have repaid for existing one for a period not less than five(5) months.


Maximum repayment period is 12 months

Interest rate is 1% per month on  reducing balance

Granted 3 times the member deposits

At least four quarantors needed

A duly filled loan application forms are expected between Monday to Friday to be approved and paid the following working day

Processed within 24 Hrs

2% processing fees recovered upfront


Home Development Loan

Achieve your dream of owning your own home by applying for our affordable home development loan .


Maximum repayment period is 48 months

Granted 3 times the members' savings

BOD sits once a month 15th day of every month) to approve the loans.

Interest rate is 1% per month on reducing balance

Processing fees of 2% recovered upfront

10% excise duty on processing fees recovered upfront .


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We are constant in provision of high returns on our members savings and to be good stewards of our members funds.